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NoSsr purposely removes components from the subject of Server Side Rendering (SSR).

This component can be useful in a variety of situations:

  • Escape hatch for broken dependencies not supporting SSR.
  • Improve the time-to-first paint on the client by only rendering above the fold.
  • Reduce the rendering time on the server.
  • Under too heavy server load, you can turn on service degradation.
  • Improve the time-to-interactive by only rendering what's important (with the defer property).

Client-side deferring

Server and Client
<Box sx={{ p: 2, bgcolor: 'primary.main', color: 'primary.contrastText' }}>
  Server and Client
    sx={{ p: 2, bgcolor: 'secondary.main', color: 'secondary.contrastText' }}
    Client only

Frame deferring

At its core, the NoSsr component's purpose is to defer rendering. As it's illustrated in the previous demo, you can use it to defer the rendering from the server to the client.

But you can also use it to defer the rendering within the client itself. You can wait a screen frame with the defer property to render the children. React does 2 commits instead of 1.


As the component does not have any styles, it also comes with the unstyled package.

import NoSsr from '@mui/core/NoSsr';