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StepLabel API

API documentation for the React StepLabel component. Learn about the available props and the CSS API.


import StepLabel from '@mui/material/StepLabel';
// or
import { StepLabel } from '@mui/material';
You can learn about the difference by reading this guide on minimizing bundle size.

Component name

The name MuiStepLabel can be used when providing default props or style overrides in the theme.


Props of the native component are also available.

In most cases will simply be a string containing a title for the label.
Override or extend the styles applied to the component. See CSS API below for more details.
The props used for each slot inside.
If true, the step is marked as failed.
Override the default label of the step icon.
The optional node to display.
The component to render in place of the StepIcon.
Props applied to the StepIcon element.
| object
The system prop that allows defining system overrides as well as additional CSS styles. See the `sx` page for more details.

The ref is forwarded to the root element.


Rule nameGlobal classDescription
root.MuiStepLabel-rootStyles applied to the root element.
horizontal.MuiStepLabel-horizontalStyles applied to the root element if orientation="horizontal".
vertical.MuiStepLabel-verticalStyles applied to the root element if orientation="vertical".
label.MuiStepLabel-labelStyles applied to the label element that wraps `children`.
active.MuiStepLabel-activeState class applied to the label element if active={true}.
completed.MuiStepLabel-completedState class applied to the label element if completed={true}.
error.Mui-errorState class applied to the root and label elements if error={true}.
disabled.Mui-disabledState class applied to the root and label elements if disabled={true}.
iconContainer.MuiStepLabel-iconContainerStyles applied to the `icon` container element.
alternativeLabel.MuiStepLabel-alternativeLabelState class applied to the root and icon container and label if alternativeLabel={true}.
labelContainer.MuiStepLabel-labelContainerStyles applied to the container element which wraps label and `optional`.

You can override the style of the component using one of these customization options: